September 2005, Melbourne (Australia)


Monday, 12 september 2005

ISDB business

Chair: Joe Collier

Reports from the executive group

Treasurer: Andrea Tarr

Secretary: Maria Font

Welcome from Therapeutic Guidelines

Mary Hemming, Chief Executive Officer, Therapeutic Guidelines Limited

The important of rational prescribing and the quality use of medicines

Michael Kidd, President, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Communicating with patients and the public

Chair: Maria Font

Keynote address: The BUKO way

Jorg Schaaber, Pharma-Brief, German

Communicating with patients (symposium)

Chair: Andrew Herxheimer

Rapporteur: Zahed Masud

Experience at Treatment Notes

Sharon Hart, DTB, UK

Experience at Kusuri-no-Check

Keiko Sakaguchi, Kusuri-no-Check, Japan

Developing a German Model

Walter Thimme, Der Arzneimittelbrief, Germany

Launch of ISDB/WHO manual: “Starting or strengthening a drug bulletin: a pratical manual”

Chair: Joe Collier

How ISDB and WHO collaborated to develop a manual

Andrea Tarr, Coordinator, DTB, UK

The ISDB Perspective

Joe Collier, Chair, UK

The WHO Perspective

Susan Hill, WHO

The experience of the manual editorial group

Andrew Herxheimer, UK

Tuesday, 13 september 2005

Quality of bulletins

Chair: Mary Hemming

Keynote address: Critical issues about design

David Whitbread, Grafic Designer, Australia

Workshop: Localising evidence

Chair: Benoit Marchand

Rapporteur: Zahed Masud

Workshop: Choosing articles

Chair: John Dowden

Rapporteur: Sharon Hart

Keynote address: Making words work for you

Andrei Herxheimer, United Kingdom

Critical Appraisal

Chair: Rokuro Hama

Rapporteur: Jorg Schaaber

Criteria for choosing positive advice

Chair: Etzel Gysling

Rapporteur: Pijus Kanti Sarkar

Wednesday, 14 september 2005

Managing a bulletin

Chair: Maria Font

Keynote address: Legal challenges– lessons from Butlletì Groc

Joan-Ramon Laporte, Butlletì Groc, Spain

Managing a bulletin: Sustainability (symposium)

Chair: Kumud Kafle

Rapporteur: Jonathan Dartnell

Managing on a low budget

Pijus Kanti Sarkar, India

Compensating authors and editors

Blanka Pospisilova, Czech Republic

Supporting bulletins in trouble

Maria Font, Italy

Managing a bulletin: Independence

Chair: Hirokuri Beppu

Rapporteur: Sarita Von Afhlt

Keynote address: Independence – the why an how

Christophe Kopp & Florence vandevelde, La Revue Prescrive, France

Independence (symposium)

Communicating with industry

Peter Mansfield, Australia

Relationship whit government

John Dowden, Australia

Relationship whit media

Joe Collier, United Kingdom

Thursday, 15 september 2005

Bulltins in society

Chair: Gita Fernando

Rapporteur: Sri Suryawati

Keynote address: Bulletins as campaigners – involving society

Rokuro Hama, Chairman of NPOJIP publishing Kusuri-no-Check and Deputy Editor, The Informed Prescriber, Japan

Bulletins in medical education

Workshop: Pharmacovigilance

Chair: Wolfgang Becker-Bruser

Rapporteur: John Dowden

Workshop: Filling in the gaps in the evidence

Chair: Andrea Tarr

Rapporteur: Peter Mansfield

Collaborating with WHO on writing reviews on essential medicines: Past and future

Joe Collier


Farmacos (USA-Argentina)

DIC (Kazakhstan)


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2. Trasparency indicator