Last update: September 10th 2014
July 15th 2014

Providing "scientific advice" to pharma...

Joint consultation response by AIM, HAI Europe, ISDB and MiEF. Confidential discussions between pharma, EMA and health technology assessment (HTA) bodies threaten independence of pricing and reimbursement decisions.

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July 11th 2014

'Investor-to-state dispute settlement' in...

Joint response to EU Commission consultation. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) coalition urges European Commission to exclude mechanism from Transatlantic Trade and Investment "Partnership" (TTIP).

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June 24th 2014

EMA's new policy on access to clinical data:...

EMA's controversial policy on access to clinical data is to be adopted by mid-July 2014 while restrictive measures and legal loopholes are left unaddressed. AIM, ISDB, MiEF and the Nordic Cochrane Centre call on the EMA to not succomb to pressures from pharmaceutical companies and the...

May 20th 2014

Backpedalling on EMA’s "proactive publication...

In a Joint Press Release, AIM, ISDB, MiEF and the Nordic Cochrane Centre call on the European Medicines Agency to ensure that its long-awaited policy on proactive publication of clinical data actually improves public access to scientific evidence about the effects of medicines on human...

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April 22th 2013


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