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Country where bulletin is prepared


Name of bulletin (if the name is not in English, please provide a translation)

Contact person

Position of the contact person in the editorial board

Reference Organization

Name of the organization responsible for publication (legal and administrative responsibility)

Institutional status of this organization (e.g. not-for-profit company, for-profit company, foundation, individual etc)

Institutional status details (if 'other' is checked above)

Origin of reference organization’s financial resources

Public fund (state budget) (%)

Private fund (single donor) (%)

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Other (%)

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Describe links between Reference organization and Bulletin organization

Bulletin funds

Annual budget of the bulletin?

Origin of the financial resources

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Other (%)

Please specify 'other' funding (if applicable)

Approximate budget allocation between staff, printing and distribution costs

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Conflict of interest

Does the Bulletin organization have a written policy on conflicts of interest? If yes, attach a copy or give details.

Conflict of interest policy (upload here or specify above)

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Are there financial links with industry?


Staff members

Collaborators / authors

If yes, please specify with which company(ies) and type of link (e.g. adviser, research funds, company shares) for the last five years.

Do the persons outside the bulletin declare any potential conflict of interests when invited to write or review an article?

External authors


Do the editorial team have the autonomy to change the content or reject an article written by an external author?

Can an external author who has conflict of interests write an article that could influence therapeutic choice?

In case that the publication if part of a larger Institution, how the editorial team manages the influence from this Institution?

Do you publish an annual financial report?

About the publication

Are claims and recommendations adequately supported by the referenced literature?

Are the listed references clearly identified within the text?

Do you print a content for each issues?

Do you produce an annual cumulative index?

ISDB policy being “to promote international exchange of good-quality information concerning drugs and therapeutics” we would like to know if there is a group/organization that produces independent drug information in your area.

Do you produce other publications? Please specify.

Have you established guidelines for the editorial process of your bulletin? Please give a copy if you have a written document.

Guidelines for editorial process (upload here or describe above)

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Please provide a summary of the staff responsible for the bulletin, including number of staff members, a brief outline of duties, professional qualifications, and languages skills (attach a separate sheet if necessary).

Summary of the staff (upload here, or describe above)

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Please provide a brief description of how the information in your publication is prepared, describing how you choose the topics, literature searching, who writes your articles, what external review and checking processes you use, who is responsible for the final version of the article

Who is the target audience for the publication (e.g. doctors, pharmacists, nurses, consumers, midwives)?

Give a brief description of usual content (e.g. appraisal of new drugs, adverse drug reactions, drug therapy for disease management, drug interactions, regulatory news, drug policy).

Do you publish letters to the editor from readers in your bulletin?

Are the articles accompanied by an abstract?

What is/are the language(s) used in the publication?

Is the publication, or any part of it, translated into other languages? If so, please specify.

Is there any advertising in the publication?

In what format is the publication?

What was the date of the initial publication?

How many issues have been published over the last 5 years?

How many pages has an issues of the bulletin?

What is the frequency of publication?

What is the circulation?

What is the circulation? Number of distributed copies:

In which countries is it distributed?

Contact details

Website of publication

Post address (if different)

Telephone number

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Submission requirements

Article 10: An application for admission must comprise:

  1. Two copies of each of the last five consecutive issues of the bulletin preceding the date of application. If the issues do not specify the contents in English then a list of these contents, including keywords, shall be sent with the issues.
  2. If appropriate, an English translation of two articles of your bulletin.
  3. A completed application form
  4. the admission fee, see Annual Fees (which will be refunded if the application is not accepted).

The Committee may request further information to assist it in making its decision

Annual Fees

  • Budget of Bulletin below 30.000 euro: 225 euro
  • Budget of Bulletin over 30.000 euro: 900 euro
  • Developing country: 45 euro*
    • *It is possible to apply for exemption when payment is difficult.

      Details for payment of the fee can be requested from the ISBD Treasurer (Luis Carlos Saiz)

Acknowledgement of requirements