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Why You Should Be Concerned About TTIP and Access to Medicines (February 2016)

18 February 2016 Joint Position Statement by HAI, The Commons Network and Public Citizen. Summary Both the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) are confronted with increasingly high medicine prices. European Member States are facing a looming access to medicines crisis as they struggle to afford new, patented, high-priced medicines. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP), now under negotiation, could hamper needed changes towards affordability, needs-driven innovation and alternative incentive structures.


European Medicines Agency (EMA) softens its conflict of interest policy: Does this further open the door to undue influence instead of closing it?

28 November 2014 

Joint Press Release

At the end of November 2014, the European Medicines Agency has announced the adoption of a “more balanced approach to handling conflicts of interests” to become effective on 30 January 2015. In reality, this revised EMA COI policy relaxes EMA’s position in relation to the conflicts of interest of experts with pharmaceutical companies. The evaluation of the efficacy and harms of medicines must be free from undue influence and be based on scientific data, so that the Agency’s work can benefit public health. The Agency’s integrity is at stake