Dicember 2008, Matagalpa (Nicaragua)


  1. Moderators introduce the aim of the session and relate it to the “ISDB programme for promoting independent information”, which is the main thread of this General Assembly.

  2. Parallel workshops are reported in plenary sessions (secretaries make reports and write main messages on flipcharts), and are followed by debate. Plenary sessions will feature short presentations and debate.

  3. All workshops are an opportunity for members to exchange experiences and should produce sensible and practical output for ISDB members and the next Committee.

  4. All talks should include lively examples.

  5. Moderators make conclusions and proposals for ISDB bulletins and ISDB as a society.

  6. Participants (particularly those who will present short presentations/reports) are encouraged to present posters.


Sunday 30-11-2008


Committee meeting to complete organization of the GA

Monday 1 December (Day 1)



  • by ISDB President (Maria Font) (also moderator)

  • by host team, presenting AIS-COIME activities (Benoît Marchand)

ISDB Executive Committee report

Report on the activities done during these 3 years (2005-2008) followed by questions and answers (Maria Font, Christophe Kopp, Jörg Schaaber)

Launch of GA 2008

Explanation of the coming days’ programme related to “ISDB programme for promoting independent information” by ISDB President (Maria Font)


Coffee break  


News from ISDB regions: report of regional coordinators

Moderator: Inigo Aizpurua

Review of activities in the region, challenges and difficulties, actions undertaken with results (e.g. Bogota meeting, training of junior editors)

  • Africa

  • Middle East

  • Asia & Pacific

  • Latin America

  • Europe

Presentation of the new ISDB members:

BIT Navarra, Pharmakon, Boletín de farmacovigilancia, Boletin de información terapéutica Cuba, Notas Farmacoterapeuticas, MEDEX Moldova, Drugs and medicine Armenia, Farmacos Costa Rica, Correo de AIS Peru, Minerva, Pacchetti informativi sui farmaci, BIP, Projekt Farmaka: number of issues, contents, financing, circulation, needs and expectations with ISDB




New challenges and perspectives for information independent of drug and device industry

Session mainly based on the programme for promoting independent information

Introduction by moderator: Maria Font

Secretary: Dulce Calvo

Speakers introducing the debate: Gianni Tognoni, Amitava Guha, Ciprian Jauca 


Walking and discussing in small groups (4-5 people): with one message back to plenary on what is the most pressing issue and challenge


Coffee Brek  


Addressing these new challenges        

Introduction by moderator: Tim  Reed; Secretary: Renee Vasbinder

16.15/16.30: Messages from the walk (+ on flipcharts)

16.30/17.00: Proposals from different perspectives: Zahed Masud; Nuria Homedes, Barbara Mintzes

17.00 – 17.30: Discussion

17.30 – 18.00: Conclusion and proposals for ISDB bulletins and ISDB as a society: Tim Reed and Jorg Schaaber

19.00 Bus leaves evening

Special welcome to Nicaragua

(20’ from Selva Negra): local food, drinks, dance, songs, theatre

Tuesday 2 December (Day 2)


Introducing the day’s programme

Presentation of workshops by Jörg Schaaber


A) ISDB  and issues of conflict of interest

Moderator: Wolf D. Ludwig

Speaker: Christophe Kopp

Secretary: Carol Norquay

B) Why do drug prices matter?

Moderator: Philip Sax Secretary: Isodro Sia

Speaker: Tim Reed (HAI), Walter Thimme

C) Critical appraisal of drug promotion: good sources and methods

Moderator: Claudia Vacca

Secretary: Iñigo Aizpurua

Speakers: David Menkes (HS); Barbara Mintzes

Report: why do drug prices matter?

Conclusion and proposal


Coffee Brek    


Reporting back in plenary session

Moderator: Benoit Marchand

Reports for each workshop by secretaries (5’ to 10’) followed  by discussion





Critical appraisal of practice guidelines

Plenary session

Introduction by moderator: Iñigo Aizpurua

Secretary: Carol Norquay

Speakers on the systems that can help to appraise guidelines (AGREE, GRADE): Paola Mosquera (RED IBEROAMERICANA-GPC) Ciprian Jauca (Therapeutics Initiative)

Discussion: sharing experiences, raising questions, relevance to practice and context among different regions

Conclusion by moderator    

Critical appraisal of practice guidelines


Coffee Brek


Short reports in plenary

Moderator: Anita Conforti

Presentations (10’+ 10’ discussion)

  • Italian research about antidepressant use (Gianni Tognoni)

  • Ethics and drugs (Nuria Homedes)

  • Reader survey from Sri lanka (Priyadarshani Galappatthy)    


New Committee election

Moderator: Maria Font

Secretary: Christophe Kopp   


New + Previous Committee meeting;

Election of president, secretary and treasurer.

Setting priorities and distributing tasks. 


“Free” evening

Down town Matagalpa (30’) for those who want to have dinner outside Selva Negra and know a little bit of Matagalpa

Wednesday 3 December (Day 3)


Introducing the day’s programme

Clotaire Nanga

8.45 – 10.25   

Plenary sesión

Continuing education experiences

Moderator:  Martin Cañas

Secretary: Renee Vasbinder

Speakers: Zahed Masud; Clotaire Nanga; Benoît Marchand; Christophe Kopp; Wolfgang Becker-Brüser (10 minutes each)


Conclusion by moderator    


Coffee Brek    


Informing and working with consumers: sharing experiences

Plenary session

Introduction by moderator: Barbara Mintzes

Secretary: Zahed Masud

Speakers: Wolfgang Becker Brüser (Gute Pillen – Schlechte Pillen Germany) Andrew Herxheimer (DIPEX – UK) Natalia Cebotarenco (Moldova)


Conclusion by moderator    




Lobbying regulators and decision makers

Introduction by moderator: Roberto López

Secretary: Blanka Pospisilova

Speakers: Jörg Schaaber (Pharma-Brief – Germany); Claudia Vacca (Boletin de Farmacovigilancia – Colombia) Ciprian Jauca (Therapeutic Initiative)


Conclusion by moderator    


Coffee Brek 


Parallel workshops:

  • Priority issues for developing countries

    Moderator: Amitava Guha Secretary: Nuria Homedes Speakers: Roberto López, Natalia Cebotarenco, Priya Galappatthy   

  • EU legislative proposal on DTCA:

    Global implications

    Moderator: Christophe Kopp Secretary: Blanka Popsilova

    Speakers: Tim Reed, Barbara Mintzes


New committee meeting

Social event 

Closing evening: dinner, drinks, sharing something from each country (song, dance, theatre, joke, musical instruments available)

Thursday 4 December (Day 4)


Introducing the day’s programme

Natalia Cebotarenco    


Introducing selected posters


Collaboration among ISDB bulletins

2 workshops in parallel

  • Collaboration for assessment of new drugs

    Moderator: Iñigo Aizpurua 

    Secretary: : Ciprian Jauca

    Speakers: Juan Erviti, Anita Conforti

  • How to improve bulletin quality and impact? Difficulties and needs of support

    Moderator: Benoît Marchand Secretary: Roberto Lopez

    Speakers: Claudia Vacca, Dulce Calvo, Clotaire Nanga; Carol Norquay


Coffee Brek    


Reporting in Plenary Session

by secretaries (5’ for each workshop)

followed by discussion (20’)

Conclusion of the GA:

Introduction by the ISDB President of the new Committee and presentation of a working plan and  Proposals for bulletins and for ISDB as a society.                  


Closing words by host organisation (Benoît Marchand)