Newsletter March 2014

The November 2014 issue of the ISDB Newsletter (vol 29, issue 2) includes:

  • preliminary announcement of the ISDB General Assembly, scheduled to take place in Pamplona, Spain in June 2015
  • draft program for the 2015 ISDB General Assembly
  • information on the upcoming ISDB Committee elections
  • report from the ISDB Committeee meeting held in July 2014 in Paris
  • reports from working groups: clinical trials, advocacy, education
  • conversations with bulletins: Drug and Health Bulletin of Bangladesh, Therapeutics Letter (Canada)
  • article by Andrew Herxheimer: Pharmacovigilance still neglects patients
  • noticeboard: Dr John Dowden, Editor of Australian Prescriber, awarded the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for his contribution to drug education in Australia and internationally

Download the November 2014 Newsletter from the link below. 

Attachment: isdbnewsletter_2014_march.pdf